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Mykola and Lyudmyla Dmytrenko met in 1973 in the Lemeshivka village. He was an agronomist, and she studied at a pedagogical school. He had a passion for plantations, and she knew how to turn any product into an incredibly delicious dish. These qualities became the impetus for the construction of a hotel and restaurant complex. Not just a hotel, but a place to be at home, where every member of the family will have their own business.

Many different names were considered, but one day the old grandmother happened to be in the yard where the construction was taking place. She asked for water and later said, “It’s very quiet and cozy here.” “Cozy” is the word that gave the current name of the hotel “Cosiness”(“Zatyshok” in ukrainian).

The couple opened their doors to their guests in the winter, on January 2, 2009, and in 12 years, the hotel has been loved by many people: locals and foreigners. There are reasons for that: excellent staff, wonderful, modern restaurant, the best dishes of Podolian cuisine. Today, the Dmytrenko family consists of parents, Mykola and Lyudmila, their children and grandchildren, who diligently manage their parents’ business.


Guesthouse ”Zatyshok” is the family traditions history.

Guesthouse “Zatyshok”

Guest House “Zatyshok” is a new concept of living in Ukraine. Today, in times of constant movement and globalization, sometimes there is a lack of family comfort. Following the example of the European market, we follow a concept that dates back to ancient times and to the present day, namely guesthouses.
What is a guesthouse or a guest house?

Unlike a classic hotel, this type of accommodation includes a number of characteristics that make the conditions of staying close to home. The owners and their families
are directly involved in the hotel’s operations.
All plants on our territory are grown and regularly cared for by family members. Of particular importance are the products that come to your table.

Seasonal vegetables and fruits, a variety of jams and
pickles, yogurts, pastries and more. All this is home-grown seasonal ingredients or home-made products. In addition, we actively collaborate with local manufacturers so that you can experience the taste of Vinnytsia as much as possible.
You will not see super modern luxury equipment in our guest house, but there is no need for that. We do not strive for stardom, because we believe that the best indicator is the impression of your staying.
We will make every effort to make you feel at home and make your vacation unforgettable, following family values!